Introduction – Flying Planes Is My Meditation

The reason why people meditate is to help clear their minds. By focusing all of your thoughts on nothing or by focusing all your thoughts on breathing, you stop all the internal monologue, you clear your mind of clutter, and you put your mind at peace.

I don’t meditate. Instead, I fly.

When I’m flying, my thoughts are completely focused on flight. As I’m adjusting and maintaining my airspeed, altitude, pitch attitude, throttle, fuel mixture, flap settings, and elevator trim, as I’m watching my sight picture while monitoring the radio frequency and talking to air traffic control, it’s an incredibly decluttering feeling in the mind. I can purge my mind of thoughts of work or other parts of life, and focus simply on flying.

I am not a commercial pilot. My full-time job is that I’m a doctor, dually specialized in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. But, after completing my medical training, I’ve decided to finally pursue a lifelong interest in aviation. As of the start date of this blog, I’m working on my private pilot license. On this blog, Aviation Zen, I’d like to share some of my reflections as I take to the air.

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