All pilots will encounter turbulence. Even on the clearest days, there can be pockets of rough air. You’ll have established perfect straight and level flight and here will come some turbulence and starting screwing up your well-laid settings.

The mistake that many pilots make? They react to it. Turbulence pushes them down, so they pull the plane up. It pushes them right so they turn left. The turbulence hits them faster than they can react and soon they’ve found themselves losing control of their flight completely.

See, what they should do is the same thing we should do when we encounter turbulence in our lives: just ride it out. The airplane is designed to fly. It will ride out those rough pockets and once the turbulence is gone, you’ll be back to smooth straight and level flight.

If the turbulence simply won’t relent where you’re at, climb higher. Keep climbing until you’re in smooth air again.

Resist the urge to react to every bump along the way. It’s way too easy to knock yourself off balance through your own overreaction.

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